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Farmers’ Markets 101: Questions to Ask

  So, we’ve been talking Farmers’ Markets. You want to go, you’ve picked out a Market to go to, and you know how some do’s and don’ts while you are there. Now let’s discuss some good questions you might want/need to ask while shopping for all your goodies. Beef Is this grass-fed beef? In my opinion, […]

Farmers’s Markets 101: Etiquette

  Last post we discussed why you need to visit your local Farmers’ Market. I also told you where to find one in your area. So, now you are ready to go, but might feel a bit intimidated, especially if its your first time going. Never fear, Red is here! Today we’re going to discuss Farmers’ Market […]

Farmers’ Markets 101

  Summer is in full swing and so are Farmers’ Markets. I LOVE Farmers’ Markets! They are kinda like a one-stop shop for groceries…fresh groceries, that is. At most Markets, you can find: grass-fed meats, pastured eggs and fresh produce. I love going to our local Farmers’ Market, but I didn’t always. When I first […]

All-Natural Delicious Chocolate Cookies

Who doesn’t love chocolate cookies? Today, I came across a DELICIOUS recipe for super easy cookies that are super delicious. And chances are you’ve had a version of them at some point in your life. They are a slightly different version of those yummy no-bake cookies everyone and their dog knows how to make. They […]

Green Spring Clean: Using Essential Oils

I LOVE essential oils. I think they are God’s gift {one of many} to mankind! They have a variety of uses. To learn more about essential oils, read this. Today, I want to talk about using essential oils for cleaning your house during the great Green Spring Clean, specifically which oils are my favorite to […]

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Time for a Green Spring Clean

Spring is right around the corner! And with that comes the great Spring Clean that occurs every year or four in my home. However often it occurs in your home, I wanted to write a series of posts to help you out with it. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite tips and tricks I’ve […]

Kicking the Diet Coke Habit

Who am I kidding….Diet Coke was no habit for me. I was Diet Coke dependent {that’s PC for an addict}. So what made me kick it and how did I do it? The Short Answer Diet Coke is not exactly green. And seeing as I’m on a green journey, this was the blatantly obvious next step. […]

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Diet Coke, I Bid You Adieu

Well, it’s been 3 weeks, 5 hours and 40 minutes since my last sip of Diet Coke.I AM A RECOVERING DIET COKE HEAD. I am still recovering because I can still taste the tingling of the aspartame-filled beverage on my tongue, and one sip would throw me right off the wagon. This is a B.I.G. […]

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A Relaxing {and Green} Bathing Ritual

It’s been one of those days. Sleeping Beauty is transitioning to a big girl bed and didn’t take her nap today. And Baby Boy is teething, so he’s been fussy all day and wanting Mommy to hold him all.day.long. On top of that, our Great Dane, Brutus, got into the kitchen trash and ate an […]

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Dennis Wong

Elderberry Syrup

Did you miss me?! I’ve been a busy mommy since I last blogged. I’m continuing on my green journey, which has included giving birth naturally and giving up Diet Coke (to which I have been addicted for over 20 years). More on those 2 topics later! Today, I want to share a natural remedy our […]