2 simple and natural tips to help you sleep better at night


Hi. I'm Kasey. Founder and CEO of Red's Gone Green. And welcome to our
2-in-1 series where in one minute or less, I give you two things you can either use or do to live a more natural lifestyle.

And by living a more natural lifestyle, you're gonna feel better and you're gonna have more energy to take care of those you love.

So, today we're gonna talk about two things that are gonna help you get better sleep. These are things I use every night.

Number one is my sleep mask. It blocks out all the light and helps my body sleep more deeply. When I put this guy on, it tells my body...it's time to go to sleep, and I get sleepy faster.

The second is my magnesium oil. I use it right before bed, and it does wonders! I spray it on the bottoms of my feet, and it helps me sleep all night long without waking up. It's awesome! Again my 2 things to help you sleep better are: 1 - a sleep mask and 2 - magnesium oil. I'll see you next time!

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