Are traditional cleaners really that bad?!

I was standing in line at Target the other day, and the lady in front of me caught my eye. I could tell that she cared about her health. She was wearing workout clothes and pretty stinkin’ buff! Plus, she was buying protein powder. Obviously she worked out on a very consistent basis.


What was so interesting to me was that, along with the protein powder, she was buying 3 of the most typical household cleaners.


“How sad”, I thought. “That woman takes so much time, energy + money to care for her body, yet she’s totally ignoring what she’s breathing into her body every single day!”


 Are you like that woman at Target? Do you even give second thought as to what you are breathing into your body? Or what your children are breathing in?


But why should you, is it really that bad?! 


I’d like to propose to you 3 reasons why you should care + give you 3 facts I find a bit disturbing + then let you decide 😊 


3 reasons you should care:

  1. the air inside an average American home is more polluted inside than the air outside
  2. household cleaners are major contributors to indoor pollution
  3. your home is where your family spends most of their time. this means that they are breathing in all the toxic fumes that you are spraying out as you wipe down your kitchen counters after dinner.



3 disturbing facts:

  1. the average household cleaner contains about 62 different toxic chemicals
  2. manufacturers of these cleaners aren’t required to list their ingredients on their product labels.
  3. there are no federal regulations on the chemicals used in cleaners.



3 Simple Homemade Cleaners


1 Basic Liquid Cleaner w/Vinegar 

1 c water
1 c white vinegar


add ons:

  • add essential oil (for scent and more cleaning power)


 Basic Liquid Cleaner w/Castile Soap

 2 c water
1 tsp liquid Castile soap

add ons: 

  • add essential oil (for scent and more disinfectant power)
  • add ¼ c hydrogen peroxide (for sanitizing power)


Basic Powder Recipe

1 c baking soda

add ons: 

  • add ¼ c borax
  • add ¼ c washing soda
  • add essential oil


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