Essential Oils: The Wrap-Up

For the last several posts, we’ve been on a journey through the world of essential oils. We have explored lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and lemongrass; and we have only scratched the surface. There are so many more essential oils out there and so much more to learn about each of them. But where do you go to learn about them and {almost} more importantly where can you buy these amazing oils?

Buying Essential Oils:

When buying essential oils, make sure the bottle says 100% pure essential oil. Some companies dilute their essential oils with carrier oils {usually jojoba oil}.

There are several brands of essential oils. Some of my favorite are Now, Aura Cacia and 365 (the house brand of Whole Foods). Now and Aurac Cacia can be found at most health foods stores, including Whole Foods and Natural Grocers.

Here are some resources I have used {and still do} to learn about essential oils:
This website has great information on lots of the oils. You can also order the oils in their online store.
Again, a great website for information and essential oil recipes. And you can also order their oils online.
This is a smaller company, but they are fantastic! I often visit their site for information on essential oils and other all-natural remedies. They also sell spices, teas and candles!

I truly hope that this series on essential oils has opened your eyes to the greatness of these oils. The more I learn about these little guys, the more confident I feel in treating sickness in our home at home {versus always going to the doctor}.

And PS – I love answering questions about essential oils…so ask away!


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