Farmers’ Markets 101

First Market Day 8-11-07


Summer is in full swing and so are Farmers’ Markets. I LOVE Farmers’ Markets! They are kinda like a one-stop shop for groceries…fresh groceries, that is. At most Markets, you can find: grass-fed meats, pastured eggs and fresh produce.

I love going to our local Farmers’ Market, but I didn’t always. When I first started going, I was a bit intimidated. I was just beginning my Green Journey, and was unsure what questions to ask or what to get. There are so many booths and I felt bad walking by a booth without buying something – not to mention if I happened to stop by a booth to peruse what they had. {It’s kinda like that feeling when you’re on a road trip and you need a pit stop, so you run in to McD’s just to use the ladies’. But then, you accidentally catch the eye of one of the employees, and STINK! now you just have to buy something!}

Anywho, I’ve been going to Markets for about 3 years and I’ve learned a bit about the lingo, what to take and what questions to ask. So, of course I want to share them with you because Farmers’ Markets are awesome and everyone should be going. Here’s why:

3 reasons you should visit a Farmers’ Market this weekend:

  1. Fresh Produce: Produce you buy at the grocery store {including organic} was picked way before it was ripe {hence, less nutritious}. Then it travels all the way from the farm to your local grocery store shelves. On average, produce travels 1200ish miles from where it was grown to your plate. On the contrary, produce at a Farmers’ Market was picked at its peak {more nutritious and delicious} and then traveled maybe 30-40 miles {usually less} to get to you.
  2. Great Resource for all kinds of info: Did you know that garlic doesn’t really need to be sprayed with pesticides because it repels most bugs naturally? Me neither, until I spoke with a garlic farmer at a Market. You can learn all kinds of things about the stuff you’re buying because chances are, you’re speaking to the guy who grew it.
  3. It’s fun: And who doesn’t want this…after all, this is all girls want {cue Cyndi Lauper}. It’s a bit nostalgic when you go. And after you go a handful of times, you’ll start recognizing people, so you’ll start to feel apart of that community.

Now that it’s settled that you will visit your local Farmers’ Market soon, I want to share some of my tips and tricks I’ve learned. I’ll be doing this over the next post or 2, so stay tuned!

Enjoy your Farmers’ Market journey!

And ps…go here to find a Market in your area.

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