Lemon Dish Soap

It’s that time of year again. Citrus fruits are on sale, and it’s hard to pass up a big bag of lemons. I mean, have you seen how many lemons you get in one bag? What a deal! I use lemons all the time…at least that’s my thinking. And so I buy the ginormous bag of lemons and proudly bring them home. Two weeks later, there they are sitting on my table in a bowl and starting to look sad and shriveled.

This might be a familiar seen in other homes {I hope}. So, today I wanted to share a recipe for making an all-natural, eco-friendly dish soap using those extra lemons you have lying around.

What you’ll need:
empty spray bottle {bought mine at the Dollar Store}
3-4 lemons
distilled water {or water boiled for 10 minutes, then cooled}
castile soap {Dr Bronner’s is a good brand you can get at Target or a health food store}

What you’ll do:
Pour 1 cup of castile soap into the spray bottle using a funnel. Cut up 3-4 lemons, and squeeze in the juice. Take care not to get any seeds. Top off the bottle with water.

To use, just spray directly onto the dish, scrub and rinse. Now you can enjoy cleaning your dishes knowing exactly what’s in your dish soap.

Enjoy your dish soap journey!

And PS – That Dr. Bronner’s castile soap you bought for this will make 4-5 refill dish soaps.

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