Fir Pine Cinnamon Granite + Natural Stone Cleaner Starter Kit
Fir Pine Cinnamon Granite + Natural Stone Cleaner Starter Kit

Fir Pine Cinnamon Granite + Natural Stone Cleaner Starter Kit

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You're aware of the dangers of toxic chemicals in conventional cleaners, but there so many options for natural cleaners, which one do you choose?

Some natural cleaners you see at the store have lots of ingredients with super long names. Are they really natural?

And the cleaners that are all natural, don't smell good. So, what's a gal to do?


This is why I created Red's Gone Green. 
I wanted to create household cleaners that:

  1. Work
  2. Have ingredients you can understand
  3. Smell amazing


Our cleaners are handcrafted with non-denatured ethyl alcohol and a high percentage of high quality essential oils to give you the peace of mine that comes with a clean home that was cleaned without harsh, toxic chemicals.

And'll smell amazing when you walk thru the front door!



The Fir Pine Cinnamon Granite + Natural Stone Starter Kit includes just what you need to clean your whole house. Simplify your cleaning supplies and minimize toxic chemicals.

It includes:

1 16-oz Fir Pine Cinnamon Granite + Natural Stone Cleaner, which will clean your:

  • granite
  • marble
  • quartzite
  • appliances
  • stainless steel
  • mirrors and glass
  • floors
  • shower walls
  • bath tubs and tile
  • car interiors
  • air + fabric freshener


1 18-oz Fir Pine Cinnamon Cleansing Scrub, which will clean your:

  • tubs
  • tile
  • toilet bowls
  • sinks
  • cutting boards
  • stainless steel pans
  • inside of ovens
  • stovetops
  • laundry soap booster
  • laundry presoak
  • carpet deodorizer


The all natural ingredients to put your mind at ease:

Granite + Natural Stone Cleaner

  • distilled water
  • distilled grain alcohol
  • fir balsam essential oil
  • pine scotch essential oil
  • cinnamon bark essential oil


Cleansing Scrub

  • sodium bicarbonate
  • sodium percarbonate
  • sodium carbonate
  • fir balsam essential oil
  • pine scotch essential oil
  • cinnamon bark essential oil



Did you know?

💡  The air inside an average American home is more polluted than the air outdoors.

💡  Your kitchen sink is probably dirtier than your toilet 😳

💡 Balsam Fir was used during the Civil War to treat combat wounds.


This cleaner's scent profile:

photo of fir balsam needlesFir Balsam
Fir Balsam oil essential oil is derived from the needles of the Balsam Fir tree. It has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It also works great as an expectorant during cold and flu season. Our fir balsam essential oil is harvested from its Canada.


photo pf pine needlesPine Scotch

Pine Scotch essential oil has a long history that stems back to ancient Greece. It is steam distilled from the bark and needles of the pine tree. It has several powerful properties, including deodorizer, cleansing, energizing and can even help relieve headaches, seasonal allergies and headaches. Our pine scotch essential oil is harvested in Hungary.


cinnamon bark essential oil | Red's Gone GreenCinnamon Bark
Cinnamon is considered one of the oldest spices. Cinnamon Bark essential oil is derived from the thin smooth bark of the cinnamon tree. It had antiviral properties and is known to help relieve depression. Our cinnamon bark essential oil is harvested from Madagascar, and is one of the best smelling cinnamon's we have found.


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