Farmers’ Markets 101: Questions to Ask

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So, we’ve been talking Farmers’ Markets. You want to go, you’ve picked out a Market to go to, and you know how some do’s and don’ts while you are there. Now let’s discuss some good questions you might want/need to ask while shopping for all your goodies.


  1. Is this grass-fed beef?
    In my opinion, the best beef to buy is “grass-fed.” This means that the cows had been grazing on open pasture and eating yummy green grass as opposed to being fed a grain-based diet.
  2. Are the cows fed non-GMO feed?
    Some ranchers do a combination; they let their cows graze on grass and supplement with a grain diet. If this is the case, I suggest asking if the grain is non-GMO. The main ingredient in cattle feed is corn, which is usually Genetically Modified {GMO} . I’ll save my thoughts on GMOs for a later post, but it’s suffice to say that it has been banned in some countries, and its long-term affect on humans is not known.


  1. Are these free range/pastured eggs?
    This just means the chickens are allowed to roam around the farm, pecking and eating what they were created to eat.
  2. Are the chickens fed non-GMO feed?
    Chickens are also fed a grain-based diet. So, again you will want to ask if the grain is non-GMO.


  1. Were any sprays used on these veggies/fruits?
    The term “organic” is regulated. Farmers have to pay big bucks and go thru a bunch of red tape to be able to label their produce as organic. Therefore, most small farmers at local Farmers’ Markets will say no if you ask them if their produce is organic because technically it’s not. HOWEVER, you can ask if they use sprays {pesticides or herbicides}. And if they don’t, it’s as good as “organic.”

Well, there you have it. Now go forth unto a Farmers’ Market and buy local!

Keep enjoyin’ the Journey!

And ps…the pics from this series are from my fav Farmers’ Market at Eden’s Organic Garden Center and CSA Farm. It’s the 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday of each month in Balch Springs.



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