A Relaxing {and Green} Bathing Ritual

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It’s been one of those days. Sleeping Beauty is transitioning to a big girl bed and didn’t take her nap today. And Baby Boy is teething, so he’s been fussy all day and wanting Mommy to hold him all.day.long. On top of that, our Great Dane, Brutus, got into the kitchen trash and ate an entire rotisserie chicken carcass plus some of the foil it was wrapped in.

So, tonight I just wanted a relaxful evening. Prince Charming had a meeting at church, so I poured myself a glass of red wine and drew a warm bath. To the bath I added some epsom salt and 2 drops each of rose absolute and ylang ylang essential oil. I sank into the bathwater trying to pinpoint a word that described the amazing smell I took in each time I drew a breath. Amazing. Beautiful. Sultry. were some words that came to mind. I felt like I was standing in the middle of a flower shop with a warm, cozy blanket wrapped around me, drinking a glass of red wine. Could it get any more delectable than this?!

Oh, but it could…

After soaking for about 20 minutes, I slathered coconut oil on my face. And then rubbed on a mixture of sugar and grapeseed oil. The coconut oil cleaned my face {oil dissolves oil}, while removing my mascara {the best makeup remover ever}. The sugar and oil mixture served as an exfoliator.

Needless to say, my face and body felt yum afterwards. I stepped out of the bathtub a relaxed momma ready to drink in some much needed sleep. But wait…what about those dirty dishes in the kitchen…

For a relaxful evening in the bath…

What you’ll need & do:

for the bath:
1 tablespoon of epsom salt
2 drops rose absolute
2 drops ylang ylang 

draw a warm bath and add the salt and essential oils. *if you don’t want to buy the individual ingredients, i have the herbal bath salt mixture for sell.  just email me: kasey@redsgonegreen.com and I’ll get you some!

to cleanse your face:
1 tablespoon coconut oil

slather on the coconut oil and rub in circular motions. keeping your eyes closed, massage oil into your eyelashes until mascara breaks up. using a warm wet washcloth, wipe away the oil, dirt and mascara from your face.

to exfoliate your face:
1 tablespoon sugar {preferably organic}
1 teaspoon olive oil

in a small bowl, mix the sugar and oil together. first, rub the mixture between your fingertips. this will turn the sugar into glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy. massage the mixture into your skin and rinse clean.

Enjoy your relaxing bath journey!

and ps…be sure to sniff your skin when you emerge from the bathwater.


photo by: Dennis Wong
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