Those Forgotten Frozen Fruits and Veggies

a lot of dish soapBefore I get started, I must brag on Prince Charming. Someone ordered 50 dish soaps from my Etsy store, and I just finished them today. The next big challenge was figuring out what box to put them in so they wouldn’t slide around during shipping. And my Prince Charming came to the rescue yet again! He found a box and then proceeded to cut out individual cardboard inserts to go between the bottles…isn’t he dreamy?!

Today I want to open your eyes to the wonderful world of frozen fruits and veggies.

When I became a mom, I saw the light…in the freezer of my local grocery store that shined upon dozen of varieties of fruits and veggies at my fingertips.

Why I like them so much…

  1. Saves Time: I don’t have to clean, peel or chop up any of them. I simply pour them in a bowl, pop them in the microwave to defrost and voila! I’ve got a serving of veggies {or fruit} for Sleeping Beauty’s lunch in no time.
  2. Easy Preparation: Experts say to use your microwave or steam frozen produce to minimize the loss of water-soluble vitamins, which can happen when you boil them.
  3. More Nutritious: Frozen fruits and veggies are generally picked at their peak ripeness, which is also when they are most nutritious. Then they go through a flash-freeze, which locks in most of the nutrients. In contrary, fresh produce is often picked before they reach their full potential so they can make the long trip to the grocery store before starting to rot.


How I use them…
  1. As a Side Dish: A super easy and quick way to add to any meal.
  2. As a Stir Fry: One of my favorite go-to meals is to defrost a stir fry veggie pack, and toss it with some cooked Raman noodles {cooked without the flavor package}. Then add some Teriyaki and/or soy sauce, and you’ve got a yummy meal!
  3. As a Soup: The mixed veggie pack is great to use in a hamburger soup or chicken and dumplings.
We all need more fruits and veggies in our diet, and using frozen can help you do just that! I hope you enjoy your frozen produce journey!

And PS – Frozen produce with the “Fancy” shield on the package are top of the line

photo by: stevendepolo
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