2 brands of vitamin C to help you kick those cold and flu germs


Hi I'm Kasey. Founder and CEO of Red's Gone Green. Welcome to our 2-in-1 series, where in 1 minute or less I give you 2 things that you can either do or use to live a more natural lifestyle. And by living more naturally you're going to feel better and have more energy to take care of those that you love.

Today I want to talk about vitamin C. These are two vitamin C's we use on a daily basis in our house. It's Designs by Health Bio Fizz C+ and NutriBiotic Sodium Ascorbic. We love these! The Bio Fizz taste a little more fizzy and sweeter. My kids ask for it. The NutriBiotic is a little more potent and a little cheaper, but it doesn't taste as good. It taste more salty, and so I like to make mix half and half for the kids when I give it to them. I usually give it to them on a daily basis, especially during cold and flu season. It works and it's awesome! If you have any questions, leave me a comment below and I'll see you next time!