Picture of the CEO of Red’s Gone Green

Hi, my name is Kasey, aka "Red," and this is my story.


Way back in 2010...

I was 4 months pregnant, sitting on my kitchen floor and cleaning it with some store-bought cleaner. The smell of the cleaner was so strong, and I started wondering how in the world mamas clean their homes with babies around...with all those cleaner fumes lurking. 

I started researching the ingredients of my household cleaners and didn't like what I found out. I tried to find an all natural cleaner that worked and smelled really good. But, I couldn't find one, so I made my own...and Red's Gone Green was born.


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photo of Red's Gone Green family in front of their Class C motorhome

Fast forward to 2021...

We'd been dreaming of traveling with our family ever since we started our family. So in September 2021, we sold our 2800 sq ft home in East Texas and moved our family of 6 into a 34' motorhome to follow our dream. 

We currently live full-time in our RV, while running 2 businesses, homeschooling our 4 kids and traveling the US.

Yes, life looks crazy sometimes, but we wouldn't have it any other way!


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