2 simple and natural makeup products to wear everyday


Hi! I'm Kasey, founder of Red's Gone Green. And welcome to our 2-in-1 series, where in 1 minute or less I give you two things you can either do or use to lead a more natural lifestyle and by living more naturally you're going to feel better and have more energy to take care of the ones you love. So let's get into makeup.

These are two things that I use for makeup. Only two things I use almost on a daily basis. Number one is HAN all natural lip and cheek tint. I love it because it does double duty for your lips and your cheeks. And if you want a little color on your eyes it's great for that as well. It adds a little bit of pink, but not too much. So you're look is more natural.

Number two is by Tarte Gifted mascara. It's not the cleanest mascara out there. But I have yet to research and find an all natural one. So, if you have a natural mascara that you love, please comment below and let me know which one you like!

So, there you have it...my 2-in-1 my makeup: 1 - HAN lip and cheek tint and 2 - my Tarte mascara. See you later!