A dirty, messy kitchen may cause you to overeat 😱

image: messy kitchen may cause you to overeat


Did you know a messy kitchen may cause you to overeat, according to a study done in 2016?!  

The study set out to find out how messy, cluttered environments, like a dirty kitchen, could influence snacking behaviors.

Two kitchens were set up - one was dirty and messy, the other was neat and tidy. One hundred women were brought in to the kitchens, given a writing assignment. Half of them were to write about a time that they felt in control and the other half were to write about a time they felt out of control.

The women were also offered various snacks to eat, including cookies, carrots and crackers and told they could eat as much as they would like.

Among the women who wrote about a time when they felt out of control, those that were in the messy kitchen ate twice as many calories in cookies than the women in the tidy kitchen.

The study concluded that "a chaotic environment can create a vulnerability to making unhealthy food choices."


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