All Natural Swaps for Fall-Scented Room Sprays

Natural Swaps for Fall scented Room Sprays


Everyone goes crazy for pumpkin spice this time of year! And I get it, the smell of Fall is one of my faves. There's something about the scents of cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg that bring a flood of memories and nostalgia to mind.

Unfortunately, those pumpkin spice air fresheners may be causing you and your family more harm than good.

Most of them contain phthalates, which are artificial chemicals used to make scents and fragrances last longer and linger in the air.

Phthalates been linked to: cancer, premature birth, diabetes, endometriosis, infertility, weight gain and obesity.

Avoid these nasties by choosing products that don’t have the word “fragrance” on the label.

Here's a list of some companies who make fall-scented room sprays that are all natural and don't contain phthalates.

Aire Candle Co.

Naturally All That

Lucid Lavender Co.

Red's Gone Green