Are All Natural Cleaning Products Effective?


     Are All Natural Cleaners Effective


This is a great question that comes up often with customers. And to answer this, you must first define what you mean by effective.

By effective, do you mean "does it clean"? Or do you mean "does it disinfect"?

Does it clean?

Cleaning is physically removing germs and dirt. When I spray down my countertops with my all purpose cleaner, and wipe it up, I'm physically wiping away and removing the dirt and germs...therefore cleaning my countertops.

So if by effective, you all natural cleaning products clean, I can only speak to our cleaners, which the answer is yes! Red's Gone Green all natural cleaners effectively clean your house.

Does it disinfect?

Disinfecting is different than cleaning. It is defined as killing nearly 100% of the germs on a surface. So if by effective, you all natural cleaning products disinfect, the answer for Red's Gone Green products is no, our products do not disinfect. 

I do not believe that you need to nor should you disinfect the surfaces in your home on a consistent basis. For my reasoning on this, click here.

Not that it is important to remember that in order to disinfect a surface, you must first clean it. You must physically remove the dirt and/or other particles, so that when your disinfectant product lands directly on the surface you intend to disinfect. Here's a formula for an all natural DIY disinfectant.

I hope this helps answer some questions you may have. You you have any more, call or text me: 972-800-3441

Happy Cleaning!!