How to choose the right cleaner for your surface


how to choose the right household cleaner fro your surface | Red's Gone Green



The household cleaner aisle at the grocery store can be overwhelming and, to say the least! Not only can the strong smell get to you, but also all the choices can make your head spin. 

Which cleaner do I use for which surface? Do I really need a different cleaner for every different surface in my house??

We think not.

And we want to give you permission to
minimalize your cleaners down to
2-3 products. 

All of our cleaners are formulated
to be multi-taskers, helping you
simplify your cleaning routine.


Here's a handy-dandy guide to see which Red's Gone Green cleaners are right for you 


Use: 👇       

Taken for Granite:
natural stone cleaner


To clean: 👇

  • granite              
  • marble  
  • travertine 
  • soapstone
  • quartzite
  • stainless steel
  • glass + mirrors
  • leather car seats



Use: 👇       

Clean Freak: 
all purpose cleaner


To clean: 👇  

  • butcher block
  • laminate + Formica 
  • concrete
  • Corian
  • tile
  • mirrors + glass
  • stainless steel
  • leather car seats



Use: 👇       

Everything + the Kitchen Sink:
cleansing scrub


To clean: 👇  

  • sinks
  • cutting boards 
  • inside of ovens
  • stovetops
  • stainless steel pans
  • showers + tubs
  • tile grout
  • toilet bowls
  • laundry soap booster
  • laundry presoak
  • chlorine bleach alternative
  • carpet deodorizer