How to make your house warm and cozy

how to make your house warm and cozy


I believe a home is meant to be your family's safe place, or haven. It's where you and your family come to after a long day at work, school or just from being out in the world.

There's nothing like the feeling of coming home, especially to a warm and cozy home.

Here are 4 practical ways to make your house cozy.


1. Use warm white lighting, especially at night.

Warm white lighting is more yellow. While cool white lighting has more blue light. Warm white light bulbs make a home feel warmer and cozier. And cool white light bulbs make a home feel more opposite (think gas station or grocery store).

It's even more important to use warmer lighting at night, as blue light can disrupt your melatonin production, thus affecting your sleep.

I have been using these blue light blocking light bulbs at night and LOVE them. My kids even look forward tot the sun going down so we can turn them on. They make the room feel like so warm and cozy, and helps to settle everyone down for bed. 


2. Start a the fireplace :)

Nothing says warm and cozy more than a fire burning in the fireplace. Fires give off warmer red, orange and yellow light, which is easier on the eye and more inviting.


3. Cozy up your decor

Cozy up your sofa by adding soft chunky blankets and throw pillows.  Set a wooden bowl full of pine cones on your kitchen table. Add some cinnamon sticks to a glass vase and some clove buds to another and display them side by side on a bookshelf. 


4. Clean your home with Clove Cinnamon Vanilla cleaners

"The perfect Fall scent" as one of our beloved customers describes our Clove Cinnamon Vanilla cleaners.

Clove, cinnamon and vanilla work synergistically to create a cozy, warm and inviting scent that will linger in your air, long after you're done cleaning.

Available in an All Purpose Cleaner, Natural Stone Cleaner, Cleansing Scrub,  70% Alcohol Hand Spray and our Cozy Home Bundle.