How to wow your guests when they walk through your door

image: wipe down front door frame before company comes

"WOW...your house smells good!"

One of my favorite compliments to receive, your house smells good. It's much more important for me to have a good smelling house, than a clean house when company comes over.

How to make your house smell good

One of my favorite tips I've learned is to spray down my front door frame with one of my cleaners. I spray, I wipe and the scent lingers in the air.
Then when my guests arrive, they are greeted with a scent that not only smells amazing, but is also all natural and aromatherapeutic.
Try it next time you have a birthday party, a playdate or just to greet your hardworking hubby! 

Here's some great scents to try:

Clove Cinnamon Vanilla - warm, inviting and comforting
Lavender Vanilla - relaxing and calming