Kicking the Diet Coke Habit


8 oz Diet Cokes


Who am I kidding....Diet Coke was no habit for me. I was Diet Coke dependent. So what made me kick it and how did I do it?

The Short Answer

Diet Coke is not exactly green. And seeing as I'm on a green journey, this was the blatantly obvious next step.

The Long Answer

So, as you know, I LOVE Diet Coke. I've drank it for over 20 years. So, kicking the addiction was no easy feat. I had been {barely} trying to quit for some time, but I knew the time was coming when I would need to give it up for good.

Around the same time, we were contemplating whether to proceed with vaccinations with Baby Boy. I decided that if I was even going to consider to not vaccinate my child, my Diet Coke habit would have to stop. It seemed hypocritical of me to not want to expose my son to potential harmful ingredients in vaccinations, yet expose him to harmful chemicals in Diet Coke everyday. That same week, we were eating at one of our favorite restaurants, and the Diet Coke fountain drink dispenser wasn't working. As the restaurant worker opened up the cabinet to pull out a box of Diet Coke syrup, I thought...really, is that what I'm drinking?! And I haven't had a sip since.

Call it a miracle...because I do! It's hard because I was addicted for so long, but also because I love Sonic! When I am out and about, I want a drink from Sonic to sip on while doing's how I was raised!

So, I still have my Sonic runs, I just order an unsweetened tea with lime...not quite the same, but definitely healthier for me. Putting lime in my water and tea has really helped. 

 Have you ever had a bad habit and overcome it?