[Part 1] Why does this Lavender Essential Oil Smell Different than that one?!


Picture this...your friend just started selling essential oils and is crazy about them! She talks about them non-stop. And not just about essential oils, but about specifically about the kind she sells...which are a little pricey, in your opinion. 

Now you use essential oils and are really happy with the kind you use, but your friend keeps pestering you to try hers, because after all...they are the best.

One day you're at her house for a playdate, and she opens the bottle of her lavender essential oil. "Just smell this," she says. "I promise you'll be able to smell the difference...this lavender is far superior to all the other lavenders out there!"

Lo and behold, you do smell the difference! This lavender smells sweeter than the lavender you've been using. In fact, this lavender smells amazing! It must be better than all the lavender essential oils out there!

But why?!

Join me in [Part 2] for the answer!