Stuff We're Taking to Keep Us Healthy During This Season

herbal medicine we take to keep our family healthy



We recently announced that we are selling most of our possessions and our 2800 sq ft home to go live in an RV and travel around the US for the next year or two! While this is super exciting, it's a big change. And with most big changes, comes a bit more stress on our minds and bodies. Add on top of that, all of the health concerns making their appearance again...all to say that our bodies need more healthy support these days.

So, I wanted to let you guys in on what all we're doing and taking to help support our immune systems, so it's better able to fight off junk that comes its way.

I am a huge believer in an ounce of preventative is worth a pound of cure. So, we spend a good bit of our resources in feeding our bodies good and healthy foods and supplements to help keep us healthy.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a rockstar at helping your body fight off illness, but it's also know as the stress-buster vitamin! It helps your body handle stress and change better. It's also a water-soluble vitamin, which means that you can't take too much. If your body has had enough Vitamin C, you will simply (kinda explosively) poop out the excess. 

We take this brand. It tastes great...our kids love it! My husband and I take 1 teaspoon daily (which is 1,000 mg). And I give our kids 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon daily, depending on their weight. Our smallest guy, who's 3, gets about 1/4 teaspoon.

If we are sick or feeling run down, we take that same dosage every 2 hours until bowl tolerance (explosive poop) is reached. When you're fighting off something, your body uses up the Vitamin C about every 2 hours. So, you want to make sure you have a constant supply for your body to use, in order to help you fight off the nasties.


Vitamin D3

Most people know you get Vitamin D from the sun, which is why it's so important to get outside. But most people don't know that your body has to convert the D into D3 in order to use it. This is why, we take D3, so that it's easier for our bodies to use. 

The brand we use is only available through a health professional. If you're interested in using the same brand, email me and I can see if I can get you a link to purchase it.

Vitamin D3 is fat soluble, which means you need to watch how much you take. However, the majority of us don't get enough D3, so I don't worry about giving us too much.

For dosage, we all take 1,000 IU daily.


Arsenicum Album 30c

This is a homeopathic medicine that we take to help prevent a certain illness going around these days. Lots of people have lots of different views on homeopathics, but I LOVE them. They are safe and effective, so we use them quite often in our home.

Make sure to get the 30c, which has to do with the strength of the homepathic. We take this brand.

For dosage, we all take 5 pellets every day for the first 3 days of each month. We dispense the pellets and let them dissolve in our mouth before swallowing them. It is best to let them dissolve under your tongue, but our 3 year doesn't do that :)



This is another homeopathic medicine to treat flu-like symptoms. I give this to everyone in our house on a daily basis to help ward off sickness, especially during cold and flu season. It's very easy to give and tastes great. 

Here is the brand I buy and use.

For dosage, I give 1 tube a day.


For more natural/crunchy recommendations on what we use, check out my Ebook, Red's Recs.