{Customer Spotlight} Sarah, Everyday Manners consultant

Customer Spotlight on Sarah, etiquette consultant

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Today, we're chatting with SarahShe's a wife, mama to 4 and an Everyday Manners consultant

Red's Gone Green green heart  What keeps you busy during the day?

 I am kept busy during the day helping my family ( I have 4 sons),
creating healthy meals to put on the table each night,
exercising (yoga), running my consulting business,
cultivating friendships and maintaining an orderly, clean home. 


Red's Gone Green green heart What shade of green do you consider yourself? 

a) Forest Green....I hug trees for a living
b) Christmas Green...For the most part, I live a natural lifestyle
c) Light Green...I'm just starting out on my Green Journey
d) Red....I'm the complete opposite of crunchy, but I love the smell of your cleaners
I am a Light Green/Christmas Green combo ~
I am better in some areas than others.


Red's Gone Green green heart

  Why did you start using all natural cleaners? 

I chose to start using all natural cleaners after cleaning bathrooms
all day with products that had a lot of chemicals and
by the end of the day I had developed a terrible headache
that I knew was induced by the products I was using. 
It was as if my body was sending me an “Amber Alert” equivalent,  
“Hey Sarah, these chemicals aren’t good for you to be breathing."


Red's Gone Green green heart What's your fave RGG scent and why? 

I usually prefer the lavender/rose scent, but since COVID, I have
been using the clove cinnamon for more disinfecting elements.


I use both honestly, but in the kitchen I am using the clove.
I prefer floral fragrances as opposed to food like scents. 


Red's Gone Green green heart What are you loving these days?

I am loving small, intimate gatherings during this time.
I am loving an excuse to be quiet and read more. I am loving the return
to simplicity and enjoyment of nature that so many people
are discovering, (happiness is on your own backyard).
  I am loving old fashioned phone calls catching up with people.  

In so many ways, I am just enjoying the priorities that this time in
our world has forced us to embrace - family, home, good meals, treasuring
our small communities, time to reflect and slow down, long walks,
time in nature and overall learning to embrace the unknown,
live in the mystery and BE in the present moment,
appreciating what we DO have and feeling gratitude. 


Red's Gone Green green heart What are 2 etiquette skills everyone needs?


To me - good manners aren’t  about a set of black and white rules but rather how you make someone feel. The rules (etiquette) were all made for a reason or else they would be unreasonable.  The only rules in my book are to be kind  and  self aware of your words and actions - everything else falls into place with those as your guide. 


All the table rules,  rules of introductions, etc....... all go back to flow and ease of the table or social gatherings. They are tips that help us navigate social gatherings more gracefully.   I’m a believer in knowing “the rules” so you know when you’re breaking  “the rules” !!  Big smile !


It’s ok to break the rules- but be kind. I used to always tell my boys I didn’t really care which fork they used, as long as they were kind. I will say they have thanked me for teaching them dining and social etiquette because it has given them so much confidence as they have left home and faced the world on their own- they are never intimidated  or feel that they don’t  know quite how to act ........and that’s empowering. 


I always say I teach confidence and hopefully empower people to walk in anywhere, throw their shoulders back and think - “I’ve got this”.  When you feel good about yourself- you make the person  next to you feel good about themselves too ! 


And that’s what it’s about - making every person /every encounter feel like a million dollars and as if they are the most important person in the room.  That’s what  good manners mean to me.


To learn more about Sarah's Everyday Manners consulting, visit: www.sarahaynesworth.com