[Customer Spotlight] Anna Leigh, Clean Beauty Expert

Red's Gone Green customer Anna

Welcome to our Customer Spotlight Series - where we'll be bragging about some of our beloved customers!

Today, we're chatting with Anna Leigh, AKA The Green GarooShe's a wife, mama to 4 and a green beauty blogger by day...and night!


Red's Gone Green green heart  What keeps you busy during the day?

My 4 kids keep me so busy during the day! We are starting
to homeschool this year, so it will be even crazier around
our house!


Red's Gone Green green heart What shade of green do you consider yourself? 

a) Forest Green....I hug trees for a living
b) Christmas Green...For the most part, I live a natural lifestyle
c) Light Green...I'm just starting out on my Green Journey
d) Red....I'm the complete opposite of crunchy, but I love the smell of your cleaners

I’m Christmas Green 🎄

Red's Gone Green green heartWhy did you choose to start writing about green beauty?

I realized how expensive it can be to make the switch to green beauty.  
You can invest quite a bit of money and have all clean products,
and end up going back to more toxic products because you
aren’t pleased with the performance of the clean products.
I am a ‘try-er’ by nature, so I wanted to let people know what I love,
and what I don’t.
Hopefully, my experience, will keep them from wasting a ton of money or worse, giving up on green beauty all together.

Red's Gone Green green heart  What's your fave Green Beauty product to recommend and       why?

The Alina Pure Satin matte foundation.
It’s a loose mineral foundation, which I never would have even considered before making the switch to clean beauty. But, now it’s my favorite foundation that I’ve ever tried, clean or conventional.
I have grown to love so many products in clean beauty, but that is probably my very favorite. 

Red's Gone Green green heart What's your #1 cleaning tip?

Pay attention to ingredients. We are exposed to so many toxins
in our daily lives. I like to control the things I can control, when it comes to mine and my family’s health.
I don’t to clean with anything that I wouldn’t feel comfortable
letting my kids use. 😃